A glorious day out at Gloucester Cathedral 11.06.19

Learners and staff from Adult Education Wolverhampton and Art Shape

On Tuesday the 11th of June 2019, learners and staff from Art Shape and Adult Education Wolverhampton spent a fantastic day together at Gloucester Cathedral. This was an exciting opportunity for both groups taking part in the Tale of Two Cities project to finally meet.

The group from Wolverhampton were greeted by members of Art Shape’s staff and learners at the entrance of city’s most famous attraction. Despite the very rainy and windy weather, spirits were high and everyone was eager to start exploring the cathedral together.

The group from Wolverhampton had very kindly made cards and gifts which they shared with Art Shape. And so, after making their introductions, both groups walked on together to St Nicholas Church to have their lunch.

Art Shape had arranged to have a lunch in this lovely historic location, which provided much needed shelter from the rain. We were equally fortunate to receive a informative short talk from Head volunteer Bob, who told us about the interesting history of the church which dates back to Norman times.

Discovering messages from the past in the cloisters

When lunch had finished, it was time to split into smaller groups and begin the visit to the cathedral. Everyone began to wander along the ornate cloisters, and investigate the beautiful rooms with their stained glass windows. The members of the Wolverhampton group were able to ask questions and discuss their thoughts and responses towards the cathedral and the city.

The members of the Gloucester groups were also able to share their knowledge and memories the cathedral and the places where some of them grew up.

Soon it was sadly time to say goodbyes, sharing hugs and waving off our new found friends. It was overall a really lovely opportunity for everyone to get to know each other.

Happy, smiling faces despite the rainy weather!

In the next few months, Adult Education Wolverhampton will be welcoming Art Shape into their city for a return visit. We are eagerly awaiting our trip, and can’t wait to reunite with our new found friends!

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